Kathy Pickett: Living Stones

Len Cruz: Keys To Obedience

Len Cruz: How To Advance In The Kingdom

The Waters

All Things Work Together

Wells of Love

Acts 22

Jesus Fixes Us

Passover or Easter

Gathering with Purpose

Gather to Worship

Rewards of Faithfulness

Report It


Acts 15 Continued

What Is It?

Acts 15 Part 1

Change The Channel (Thoughts)

Acts 13

Imitate God

Healing Words


Be You (Len Cruze)

Acts 11


Dream Again

Approval (low quality)


Acts 10 (low quality recording)

Renovate Your Mind

Book of Acts 9

Trust Gods Faithfulness

Unconditional Trust

Book of Acts 8

Power of Connection

Book of Acts 7

Faithful in the Ordinary things

Book of Acts 6

Stay Committed

Acts 5

Flush Away Negativity


Feast of Tabernacles


Living In The Last Days


Pay Attention 2


Pay Attention 1

The Gifts

Hear the voice of God

This, is Grace 2

The Faith of Jesus, Wrap Up

THIS, is Grace?!

The Mystery of the Aleph Tav


The Faith of Jesus: Expectation


The Faith of Jesus: Nothings Impossible

In The Spirit

Faith of Jesus: God Cannot Lie

Falling Away

The Faith of Jesus

Christian Character


Overall (David Pickett)

Revelation of God (David Pickett)

Works (Len Cruze)

Prayer (Len Cruze)

Dreamer (David Pickett)

Our Spiritual Life (David Pickett)

Impossible Odds 1 (David Pickett)

Impossible Odds 2 (David Pickett)

Light Penetrates Darkness (David Pickett)

The Shield of Faith (David Pickett)

Guardians of the Faith (David Pickett)

Identity (David Pickett)

Our Words (David Pickett)

Seeds and Vines (David Pickett)

Adopted (David Pickett)

Who Do You Say Jesus Is? (David Pickett)

Shortsighted: Romans (David Pickett)

Shortsighted: Relationship (David Pickett)

Shortsighted: 2 (David Pickett)

Short Sighted (David Pickett)

The Anointing (David Pickett)

Vessels of God 2 (David Pickett)

Vessels of God 1 (David Pickett)

Gods Benefits (David Pickett)

Knowing God (David Pickett)

Expect More (David Pickett)

Expectations: Flourish (David Pickett)

Expectations (David Pickett)

Right With God 4 (David Pickett)

Right With God 3 (David Pickett)

Thankful (David Pickett)

Right With God 2 (David Pickett)

Right With God 1 (David Pickett)

No Comparison (David Pickett)


God Is For You


The Carefree Mindset


Carefree Life 2


Carefree Life 1


Making Room For God


Fill Your Tank




Len Cruze


The Power of Unity With God 3


The Power of Unity With God 2


The Power of Unity With God 1




Grace and Truth (Len Cruze)




Silly String Thoughts


The Anatomy of God


Some Assembly Required


Greater Glory


The Church Part 4


The Church Part 3


The Church Part 2




The Church Part 1



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